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Window Screening

Window Screening Window Screening Insect Screening is used for industrial purposes, window doors and poultry's guards, sieves, filters and other purposes. Varieties available for insect screening: Electro galvanized insect screening, aluminum alloy insect screening, stainless steel insect screening, fiberglass insect screening, enamelled iron insect screening, etc. Packing of insect screening: Each roll is wrapped in moisture-proof paper inside, poluthene film outside; then 2 to 6 rolls in one carton.
  • Assortments Material Available:
    Galvanized Iron Wire Netting
    Enameled Iron Wire Netting,
    (Alloy) Aluminum Netting,
    Fiber Glass Netting Plastic Wire Netting Nylon Netting
    Stainless Steel Wire Netting
  • Packing:
    In waterproof paper in rolls. Custom packing available at request.
Specification List of Window Screen Netting
VarietySpecificationTechnical Notes
mesh/InchWire GaugeRoll Size
Gal.Iron Wire Netting10 x 10BWG31
Process: Electric galvanized after weaving

Color: White or blue white
14 x 14
16 x 16
18 x 18
18 x 14
22 x 22
24 x 24
Enamelled Iron Wire NettingSame as aboveGreen or dark green
Aluminum Coated Iron Wire NettingSame as aboveSilver
Aluminum Wire NettingSame as aboveMaterial: Al-mg alloy or pure aluminumPainted aluminum wire netting epoxy resin paint
Fiberglass Wire Netting12 x 12BWG31

Available in different colors
14 x 14
16 x 16
16 x 14
PVC Wire Netting12x 12As aboveTwisted weaving:12x14x16;
Plain weaving:18x22x24;
Colors available:white,blue,green,etc.
14 x 14
16 x 16
18 x 18
18 x 14
20 x 20
Stainless Steel Wire Netting14 x 14 SWG3816 x 16 SWG3718 x 18 SWG3618 x 14 SWG3520 x 20 SWG343"x100"4"x100"1x25M1.2x25MMaterials: Stainless steel 304x316x316L
PVC Coated Wire Netting12x 12BWG31BWG32As aboveDifferent colors available. Used in petroluem, pipes wrapping.
14 x 14
16 x 16
18 x 18
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